Insulated Roller Doors

Roller doors can maximise the drive through width of your garage door opening. The roller door opens vertically which allows you to park right up to the door. The door rolls up into a compact box above the opening to give you more space inside your garage for storage. The roller door is suitable for garage door openings of all shapes and sizes including arched doorways. The insulated roller doors can also be fitted externally if there is inadequate space inside your garage.

Automatic Doors

Insulated roller doors are made from aluminium profiles filled with polyurethane rigid foam and are available in a choice of colours and finishes. Insulated roller doors have automatic openers as standard and come with two handsets, plus a control box on the inside of the garage to operate the door and has a courtesy light to illuminate your garage to give you time to exit your car/garage.

They come with a closing safety device which will stop the door on closing if it encounters an unexpected obstacle.

Smart Technology

From us you will get a Hormann insulated roller door, they have two types of roller doors with insulated slats. The Rollmatic 2 which is the premium roller door, the main benefits include, spring assisted with chain driven motor, new DuraBelt system to minimise scratching when door opening/closing, control box with smart technology built in which allows you to operate your door via Bluetooth on your smartphone using the Hormann BlueSecur app. The Rollmatic T is the less expensive roller door from Hormann, it comes with a tubular motor that requires less side room than the Rollmatic 2.

Range of Finishes

The Rollmatics come in a choice of 16 colours, two Decopaint and two Decograin finishes. There are also matching side doors available which will compliment your garage door to provide an overall harmonious appearance.

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