Express Garage Doors

Terms & Conditions


A non-refundable 30% deposit must be paid on confirmation of order for new doors. The remaining balance is to be paid on completion, unless otherwise agreed. Supply only doors must be paid for in full on order. 

1.1 Accepted methods of payment include Debit or Credit Card/Cash/Bank Transfer. Payment for Insurance claims are the customer’s responsibility.

1.2 In the event of default in payment by the customer, the account will be passed to our debt collector and the customer will be liable for all expenses incurred.


Quotations are valid for up to 30 days after date of issue, unless otherwise agreed.

Every installation of a new door is guaranteed against defective materials or workmanship for two years subject to normal use and reasonable maintenance which includes regular oiling of all moving parts. Colour/finish fading is not covered under warranty and should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

4.1 Operators and electrical/electronic installations are guaranteed as per manufacturer’s conditions, available on request.

4.2 Supply only goods are subject to the manufacturers guarantee. No guarantees will be given on repairs carried out, unless superseded by specific manufacturers’ warranty. Full manufacturer’s warranty specifications are available on request.

The delivery dates specified in the contract are approximate, we will not be liable for the consequences of any delays. No delay shall entitle you to reject any delivery or services. We will not provide monetary compensation for any delays by manufacturers or for any other unforeseen reasons.

All new timber installed will be pre-treated with a base coat preservative. We undertake to mastic or fill ‘out of square’ gaps with timber fillets or PVC. Where existing timbers are thought to be unsuitable the client will be informed. Any judgement made by our representative involving the use of existing timbers in fitting a new door is made in good faith and no responsibility is accepted at any time after installation for the continued stability of existing timbers.

6.1 In the case of a slightly ‘out of square’ condition of an existing opening becoming apparent only when a door is set up in that opening. We shall install the door to operate as efficiently as possible within that opening. Whilst every care will be exercised in removing old materials/timber frames and installing new door, no making good of pointing or rendering of existing brickwork or plasterwork will be undertaken. It is your responsibility to make good any damage in those circumstances.

6.2 We cannot accept any responsibility for conditions due to uneven or sloping floors. The doors we supply are from leading manufacturer’s, these are not watertight/fully sealed or windtight therefore water/debris/wind may enter the garage. 

6.3 To install your new garage door safely and efficiently, the garage must be cleared at least six feet back from the opening before the fitter arrives.

6.4 We have the right to make good or replace any damaged goods and will not provide any compensation. 

6.5 Photography may be taken during the fitting process and could be used in promotional material. If you don’t want us to use photographs of your garage/house please inform us before your installation date. 

6.6 If the customer requires any variations to our recommended/standard installation specifications, then full details of the requirements must be made before proceeding with your order. 


It is our responsibility to supply you with goods that meet your consumer rights. If you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations, please contact us by letter or email in the first instance. We will aim to resolve the matter quickly.

7.1 As a member of the Fife Council Trusted Trader scheme, we are bound by its consumer dispute resolution process, and full details of this can be found on our website and on request.